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When you want to protect you or your child's teeth during contact sports, invest in a high-quality mouth guard at Miller & Miller Dentistry. Our mouth guards are custom made by Dr. Chris and Dr. Matt, right in our own office lab. A custom mouth guard can be worn to shield the teeth and gums while participating in competitive sports (i.e., hockey and football), sports with hard equipment (like baseball), or other activities that often involve falling or injury (i.e., biking and skating). In addition to defending the jaw, teeth, and gums, using a mouth guard has also been proven to boost athletic performance. If you do not have to worry about having your teeth broken, it can lower stress, which diminishes the release of hormones that can restrict endurance, strength, and reaction time. Even though generic mouth guards are priced lower, custom mouth guards from Miller & Miller Dentistry in Plano, TX are created from superior quality materials. The mouth guard you have made by Dr. Chris or Dr. Matt will fit snuggly, last longer, and give you more reliable protection that may prevent a high-priced dental restoration.

Best Candidates

If your work environment or extra-curricular activities involve the risk of damaging your teeth, you would be considered a candidate for a mouth guard. Many of our patients are student athletes in school or recreational sports teams. Protecting your teeth or your child's teeth with a mouth guard that fits appropriately is a great way to invest in your dental health today and for the future. Knocked out, cracked, and chipped teeth from not wearing a mouth guard will be a lifelong dental problem that involves the maintenance of dental restorations. We recommend that athletes of all ages have a mouth guard made to protect the teeth from trauma to wear during practice or in a game.

What to Expect

At a consultation appointment for your mouth guard, Dr. Chris Miller or Dr. Matt Miller will take a set of scans or impressions for the lab to use as a guide. Designs of your mouth will be made with professional-grade materials. When the mouth guard is brought back to Miller & Miller Dentistry on a later date, Dr. Chris or Dr. Matt will adjust the appliance at a scheduled appointment to check for your best fit and the most comfortable bite. 


At your follow-up appointment, one of our experienced staff members at Miller & Miller Dentistry will educate you about how to clean and store your mouth guard. We also want you to know that if your mouth guard needs to be resized for proper coverage or if a piece needs to be repaired or replaced, you should bring the mouth guard to our office as soon as possible.

With normal use and attentive care, a mouth guard can be worn for many years. The doctors would still like to assess the mouth guard in the future at your routine exams and help you choose when to replace it to keep your teeth safe.  

Protecting Your Smile

To help you prevent costly dental services in the future from accidents during the "big game" or on the practice field, Dr. Chris Miller and Dr. Matt Miller design personalized mouth guards. These special oral appliances are made for patients involved in activities that endanger the jaw, teeth, and gums. Contacting Miller & Miller Dentistry may save yours or your child's teeth from injury and trauma — and long-term dental problems from the potential damage that can occur in contact sports and other athletic activities. Call today to get started.

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