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No one likes to have a cavity but at Miller & Miller Dentistry, you will be in great hands if decay is found. We have two general and cosmetic dentists (Dr. Chris and Dr. Matt) who have more than 30 years of experience with tooth decay. A cavity forms when your enamel breaks down and erodes — leaving holes in your teeth that can potentially expose the root. The Miller & Miller team want you to know that metal or silver fillings (called amalgam) are a thing of the past (and not great for your health). At Miller & Miller Dentistry, we apply tooth-colored fillings with a composite resin for a more natural look. We will take the time to match the color of your teeth to make the right shade for the filler. Also, if you have old metal fillings that you would like to have replaced with tooth-colored fillings, please let us know and we can discuss it during your appointment.

Best Candidates

Candidates for tooth-colored fillings are patients of all ages who have tooth decay that is not severe but is in need of repair on the front or back side of the teeth for:

  • Cavities made from tooth decay in the enamel
  • Small cracks, chips, or superficial holes in the enamel 
  • Damage from grinding your teeth while you sleep
  • Replacement of old fillings for new, tooth-colored fillings

If the tooth decay has progressed too far or if the tooth has died, then a tooth extraction and/or a restoration (crown/bridge/implant) may be needed to repair the damage.

What To Expect

Getting a filling with composite resin at Miller & Miller Dentistry is generally a quick treatment. The area surrounding the cavity will be numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize your discomfort. Other forms of sedation can be discussed if you have any anxieties or fears to help keep you relaxed during the procedure, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation. As soon as you are prepared by one of our registered dental assistants, the affected enamel is treated with a special drill that Dr. Chris will select based on where the cavity is located in the tooth and the level of decay. After the enamel is cleared away and the tooth is cleaned, the cavity will be filled with the composite resin material and hardened. Dr. Chris will polish the composite resin so it feels comfortable and matches your natural teeth.


Besides feeling a little numb in the area where you had the filling, you should be able to resume your day as normal after a filling. There may be some sensitivity in your teeth to hot and cold temperatures for several days. You may take over-the-counter pain medicine to minimize discomfort or inflammation, but you should not have any major issues. If after a few days the filling feels uneven or high, please contact our office for an adjustment. Your tooth-colored filling can be kept clean by following a normal home oral care routine with daily brushing and flossing. When you return for your annual dental examinations, Dr. Chris or Dr. Matt will assess your filling and decide if it needs to be repaired or replaced at any point.

We are a Great Match

Cavities may be small — but they can cause some mighty damage. It is so important to have cavities addressed before they become a more expensive and painful tooth concern. At Miller & Miller Dentistry in Plano, TX, cavities can be addressed with dental tooth-colored fillings. Dr. Chris and Dr. Matt Miller will match the color of your natural teeth so you get a healthy, beautiful smile. If you suspect you or a family member has a cavity, contact our office to schedule a dental examination today.

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