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There are numerous over-the-counter teeth-whitening options for brightening your teeth at home, but they do not always deliver what they promise. You can end up wasting your time and money. At Miller & Miller Dentistry, we offer professional-grade teeth whitening kits that can be completed at your home. We can put together your at-home whitening kit to meet your needs and goals so you get your best results. Your whitening kit will include custom whitening trays and whitening solution. If you are interested in enhancing your smile with a personalized at-home teeth whitening kit, contact our office!

Best Candidates

Should you wish to lighten your smile in the comfort of your home, Dr. Chris or Dr. Matt can provide you a customized kit for at-home teeth whitening. Your dental enamel may appear dull or have yellow and dark stains that have have accumulated over the years. You may have tried whitening products from the store, but found them ineffective, uncomfortable, or damaging to your teeth. At Miller & Miller Dentistry, the amount of the whitening solution will meet your requirements and goals for whiter teeth.

What to Expect

Your at-home whitening kit will be put together with teeth whitening gel and custom trays. Prior to making your at-home whitening kit, Dr. Chris or Dr. Matt will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and oral health in order to select the very best whitening strength and formula. Once your kit is ready, you will be contacted to pick them up and one of our staff members will talk you through the specific instructions needed for each treatment (for example, how long and how often to use your kit).


Final results will be based on the strength of the whitening solution, your initial enamel color, and how many times you use your whitening treatment. Consistency is key when whitening your smile! When you reach your desired shade, you can stop using your at-home solution. To maintain your results, you should touch up by whitening whenever you feel necessary. You should schedule bi-annual cleanings at Miller & Miller Dentistry where stains can be polished away, as well as annual dental exams so Dr. Chris or Dr. Matt can check on your overall oral health. You need to keep your whitening trays clean and in a safe place. If you wish to restart your treatment, you would only need to purchase more whitening gel.

Whiten Your Teeth at home

With at-home teeth whitening from Miller & Miller Dentistry, you can personally and conveniently enhance your smile. Combining professional-level whitening products with a customized treatment plan, your at-home whitening kit will be created to meet your needs and goals. To learn more about our at-home teeth whitening options, schedule a consultation at our office. You will be amazed at the results!

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